Peter Crees and Genevieve Morrow Ganner are creative designers based in Brisbane, Australia.

We do a variety of design work for artists, productions, small businesses and other agreeable humans.

We both speak fluent cat.

Email us -

Call Pete - 0418 719 354
Call Gen - 0423 154 570

Our shoffice (workshopoffice) and postal address is:
67 Montpelier Street, Grange, Queensland 4051

CATSWe have been called many things, and only one of these isn't true...

  • production designer
  • sound designer
  • graphic designer
  • musician & composer
  • costume designer
  • prop maker
  • astronaut
  • panda

all the pretty things...CATS

  • posters, postcards and programmes
  • cards and stationery
  • signage, t-shirts, totes, tangibles
  • and stickers
  • of course stickers
  • who doesn't love stickers?

We work with local printers who we love.
We know who does the best what.

And we're always happy to print stuff that you have designed yourself. We like design diversity in the shoffice. We’ll even proofread it for you.

prop making and sourcingCATS

You might need a 6ft robot;
or a crayon ponyfish;
or a harmonium;
or a cardboard city;
or a heart piñata;
or a painted backdrop;
or a life size party horse;

You never know.


digital and offset printing

CATSIt could be a small batch of hand finished invites or 5,000 shiny brochures. We welcome print jobs of all shapes and sizes.

We are passionate about quality recycled and sustainable materials. If that's your kind of thing please let us know.

website design and development

CATSDo you want a new website that you can update easily?

Do you need a new website that someone else can update easily?

Do you have a website that in an ideal world you would update easily but the world isn't ideal is it dear and I just don't have the time this month can you do it for me by any chance?

We can help with all of that.

web and email hostingCATS

We offer simple and flexible hosting options for...

  • websites
  • email
  • domain names

Our servers are in Australia.